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Alta Vista's History

Empower, Educate, & Elevate.

Our History

Alta Vista Integrated Life Services began as a vision to serve God and empower the community, offering education, nurturing, and tools for empowerment.

Community survey indicated a need for wholistic and inclusive education and mental health and behavioral health services, that are accessible to all.

Executive Director, Ashley Ruiz, moved forward in faith in founding Alta Vista ILS in November of 2018. The agency received non-profit 501 (c) 3 status in March 2019, and moved into it’s Gig Harbor location in July 2019. Through community and educational partnerships, Alta Vista ILS began providing mental and behavioral health services in late 2019, expanding to include programs  to serve individuals with intellectual disabilities in January 2020.  The mission to educate, nurture, and empower was well under way!

God has continued to grow Alta Vista ILS in challenging times. In June 2020, Alta Vista ILS opened up a Poulsbo office, as well as a behavioral health center in Port Orchard, which houses our wrap around education and disabilities services programs, including our early learning center, elementary support, social skills and life skills groups, and therapeutic respite. Our ABA therapy program launched in January 2021, in both the Port Orchard center, as well as in client homes. In May of 2023 Alta Vista received it’s Washington State Behavioral Health Agency license, and in August of 2023, Alta Vista School received it’s private school certification. We have continued to grow and blossom, effectively wrapping around individuals and families who are in need, despite challenges that the world gives.

As we look to the future, we aim to growing program capacity to continue to empower the community with inclusive opportunities. We will A key area of focus we are developing is community education and training opportunities. We also hope to open more North Kitsap and Mason county offices. Within the next year, we aim to move our center to a larger location, perhaps purchasing a building, we hope to expand educational and behavioral wrap around services that are inclusive to learners of all abilities.

Alta Vista ILS aims to educate, nurture, and empower our staff and community, in all that we do!

We welcome individuals from all faiths, backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, cultures, and legal status.

Port Orchard Office

At the Port Orchard office, we provide Mental & Behavioral Health, Education, Social Skills, ABA, Disability Services, and Respite

1950 Pottery Ave Suite 124 Port Orchard, WA 98366
We are conveniently located off the Tremont exit.
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